Our Story

We are Lustrousology; a brand with a cause. We are based in the USA, but we have brand ambassadors and customers from all around the world. When we started out with Lustrousology, we had one mission in mind and that is to inspire people to be bold in their belief of protecting the Earth through small and gentle reminders.

This is why we created Lustrousology where we design and handmade our jewelry pieces inspired by flora and fauna. Each of our products is unique. They carry the voices of our beliefs whether it would be to fight global warming, stopping deforestation, banning fossil fuels, or protecting the oceans and marine life. We make sure our products have their own missions.

Truth is we LOVE what we are doing. We strongly believe that nature is like a temple or church. If we take good care of our Mother Nature, we will reap all the benefits. But if we can't self-control our desire and greed, sooner or later, we will be losing our Earth.

To learn more about what we support and how you automatically participate when you make a purchase from us, please go to Our Mission. 

Or, if you feel it is your calling to become part of our tribe, please feel free to apply as our Brand Ambassador.


Peace & Love,

Team @ Lustrousology